Plan to make 220K per year

12 months to see changes IN your Financial Status.. START your Plan NOW!

4 STEPS MUST FOLLOW.. to make 100% 220K/Annual

  1. JOIN SFI Follow this link
  2. place a Standing Order for a 125-TCredit Pack and become and Executive Affiliate
  3. Set up a Standing Order for 50 PSAs to build your team automatically
  4. Watch 12-month Real plan BOOSTER video Follow here     follow up your 50 new PSAs and identify the most motivated one who wants to follow your example, and duplicate the 2 points above.

This formula is tested and real:

Have Faith,
Follow the Path,
Never Give Up

Don’t let your fear ad doubts control your life. In just 12 months you can lay the foundation for a life of huge prosperity. And it’s all up to you! – F. Perotti


testermoni 1

testemoni sfi 2

testemoni sfi 3







.(not freebie way…Take longer to make 220K Freebie way

Note: you can do SFI totally free, but this plan is to make you 220k within year)

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