How to set up Upsells

We’re going to discuss how to set up your upsell pages so in the previous lesson we discussed some platforms that you can use in page builders to get a clean-looking sales page using the sales copy that you’ve already written from a previous lesson so this step you’re gonna take the same sales copy that you’re actually created for your upsell and we’re gonna integrate it into our upsell pages,

but I wanted to share with you a couple of just technical things so you understand as you’re creating the upsell pages how your upsell pages will will work so you want to set up your upsell pages you can maximize your revenues as we’ve already discussed you must launch with an upsell few want to have a chance at success your upsells are extremely important to your overall product launch success and whether or not you’re gonna make maximum dollars or not in this step you need to move your sales copy for the upsell to the website page building tool that you are using and I personally if I’m using it optimize press for my front-end I’m gonna use optimize press for the back end as well it’s very important that.


you also use a no thanks link that leads on to the next page and I’ll show you an example of that so as you’re building these pages out make sure that you link to the next part of your funnel which maybe is the second upsell or maybe it’s to the end of the funnel where they can download the front end product at that point there’s no thing though thus no thanks links should be prominent.

Standout that’s very important because if you do not make it prominent do not make it stand out you’re actually gonna be leaving people that are gonna just leave the page and they’re gonna lose out on seeing the rest of your funnel which means you’re gonna lose out on that revenue because they are not seeing that offer when you set up the page properly you will guide people through the sales funnel.

So it’s really important that you set up these pages correctly inside your page builder so you’ll notice this is an example of an upsell page that I have going for current live funnel so after people purchase the product they’re taken to a page that looks like this where we talked about I can get a license to resell this product so there’s my product there you’ll notice that right below the Buy Now button on that funnel that’s where I include the no thanks link when they click on that no thanks link there then taken directly to the next page in the sales funnel.

I like to include it below the Buy Now button even if I have multiple Buy Now buttons I will include that no thanks link multiple times a lot of people just include it just the one time or they include at the very bottom or they use very small font because they don’t want to draw attention to it it’s actually quite the opposite you want to draw that attention to it because you want to make sure that they click on that instead of exiting out.

Because if they exit they’re not going to see the rest of your upsells if you have several upsells in place and so that takes them to the next offer and again you know these pages are setup using optimized press so very basic but clean if they click on no thanks they’re taken to the download area continue to the download area from here they’ll click on no thanks they’re taken to the other part of the funnel as well and at the very end of the funnel I kind of keep my no thanks link a little bit smaller because at the very end of the funnel they’re gonna access their download from their email if they were to exit out they’re gonna see it in their inbox.

Also I don’t want to draw attention away from a higher ticket offer that’s there so make sure when you’re setting up these upsell pages in your page builder of choice that you are using the no thanks link to guide people through the funnel as well and so when you I say got him through the funnel you would set up a link to go to the next page in there and again the tools you can use the page builder tools that we talked about in detail in the last call or the last session it was click funnels leadpages optimized press which is my page of choice page builder of choice and then composer net and so these are the tools you can use to lead people through your sales funnel.